NIELIT Hardware courses CHM O Level and CHM A Level

CHM-O Level

The Objective of the CHM-O Level course is to train 10+2, Diploma, graduate and other degree Qualifiers to acquire basic knowledge in Computer hardware and peripherals for installation, trouble shooting and maintenance including system software management and its back up and to undertake disaster prevention, diagnosis and rectification of faults besides personality development and communication skills.


ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: 10 + 2 pass or ITI (one year after 10 pass), diploma, graduation, post-graduation or doctorate. However, the candidate should make certain that he/ she has sufficient prior knowledge to undertake this course. The Eligibility of the CHM-A Level course is CHM O level qualification. Practicals:

There shall be practical examinations for every CHM level course. The practical and their designated hours are defined in each course. After completing the course, the training institute would conduct the practical examination. The duration of each practical examination shall be of three hours including viva-voce and maximum marks in each practical examination shall be 50. Students shall be awarded marks to be uploaded by the examiner soon after the examination. Every candidate has to pass in both Theory and Practical Examinations separately, where the passing marks are half of the maximum marks.

Job Oppoturnities: The career opportunities are proposed considering the sector of prospective employers i.e. Service Industry (Hardware and Software) and Academia such as Troubleshooters, Technicians(PC) , Assistant System Administrators and Lab Demonstrators.